We live in an amazing era where anything seems possible trough the magic of code, cheap electronics and an abundance of knowledge accessible to us all.

Never before has it been so easy for individuals and (small) businesses to create something out of an idea into a reality. And things are moving fast too: look at the progress we are making with self driving cars, artificial intelligence or the internet of things…

It seems that if you have an idea, no matter how far out there, you’ll probably be able to build it using current technology. This means that the only thing that is holding you back has become your own creativity.

I happen to have been so lucky to make my obsession, passion and hobby into my profession: teaching ‘soon to be experts’.

This blog is my ‘thanks to the community’ that has helped me so much in resolving issues.

I can only hope you’ll share your knowledge with someone, someday too.

You can find my github repository here.