Acer TravelMate 7730 Windows 10 WiFi

I recently updated an Acer TravelMate 7730 from Windows Vista to Windows 10.

After the update I noticed the WiFi button was not working and there was no network available. When troubleshooting the adapter, Windows stated that ‘The device cannot find enough  free resources that it can use. You need to disable one of the other devices on the system.’.

In Device Manager (start, run -> devmgmt.msc) I disabled the PCMCIA adapter and everything worked great. Who knew that actually doing what the exception stated could solve the problem :-).

2 thoughts on “Acer TravelMate 7730 Windows 10 WiFi

  1. Thank you so much I spent a day trying to get my new acer to connect to wifi convinced I was doing something wrong and I was just about to give up and take it back to the shop when I found your post it worked perfectly thank you so much – how do you figure these things out?

    1. Hi there!

      Mostly combining Google search results to one solution and lot’s and lot’s of trial and error ;-).

      Take care!


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