Peugeot 208: activation of the Redline theme in DiagBox

I love my Peugeot 208 1.2 VTI 110 hp with the Allure trim in a cool Orange power color. But the thing that annoys me is that I only have one theme available in the SMEG software (the on board display console).

Warning: i did not yet succeed in activating the Redline theme but this is my progress (and I think I’m close). If anyone has tips on getting the DiagBox software to authenticate without using the internet, please let me know. Thank you.

It looks like this:

But I want it to look like this:

This is called the ‘Redline’ theme and to my knowledge it’s only available if you have a GT Line or GTI trim.

I saw some posts on a few forums: and .

The second one is in French but it basically says that a guy succeeded in doing so with the help of a Peugeot mechanic. To do this, the mechanic used DiagBox but the steps he or she has taken are not very clear. It is believed that every console has every theme on board and they are enabled or disabled according to the trim. The car recognizes the trim by the VIN number.

So, I ordered myself a DiagBox kit on AliExpress for € 45 and a few weeks later received it in the mail. Time to start tinkering…

My setup is as follows:

  • Virtual Windows XP 32 bit machine (using Virtual Box) running on a Windows 10 64 bit host.
    – Don’t enable the firewall or install an Antivirus on the virtual XP machine as this will interfere with DiagBox.

    – You can never let the virtual XP machine connect to the internet! So make a manual TCP/IP configuration and leave the default gateway blank. That way you can still have shared folders between guest and host machine.

  • I didn’t go through with the installation of the DiagBox software supplied in the AliExpress kit as my antivirus (Norton) says it’s full of malware. I found a torrent version online that doesn’t have that problem and installed it instead.
  • Connect the Lexia cable to your computer, it shouldn’t have any problems finding drivers. In Virtual Box’s USB settings, enable the USB 1.0 option and add a USB filter for the cable. Mine has the name PSA.
    – Note: if you have Wireshark installed on the host machine, consider uninstalling the USBpcap software (and reboot) as this was giving me errors when trying to use the cable. The device was always busy or already claimed.

Once you’re done with this , it’s time to get in your car and find the OBD2 port:

This picture is obviously not my car, this is a GTI but the OBD2 port is located in the same place no matter what trim. I even read somewhere it legally has to be in the near vicinity of the steering wheel… You’ll need to remove the plastic cover to access it, start from the left side and bottom and pull.

The OBD port looks like this:

And off course you’ll have to connect the Lexia cable to this port.

For this to work the engine has to be running with ECO mode switched off so make sure you’re not low on fuel. Also you don’t want to do this in your garage because of the fumes.

  • Start DiagBox, choose Peugeot and select 208. It will initiate the communication and if all goes well it will show you the car’s VIN.
  • Go to repair

  • Go to the Telematic unit (RTx) or audio-navigation and click the V in the right hand corner to start the communication with this ECU.

  • Make sure the engine is running and you have disabled ECO mode (only if you have a Start & Stop engine, there is a button on the left side of the steering wheel).

  • Now go to repair

  • Click configuration

  • Yes yes, we know it already… Engine on and ECO mode off… If you’re in your garage, get out and do this in the open air so you don’t breathe in the fumes.

  • Click Manual configuration


Now, first I want to show you that you can view (but not change) the theme’s that are active.

  • Click view and print all configuration parameters

  • Click the Personalization menu configuration option

  • Scrolling down, you clearly see all themes mine has theme 15 active and theme 8 (Redline) deactivated.

Unfortunately, you can’t change this here as it is read only. It’s my belief that if you could access ‘Configuration with displaying of the parameters’ without the error that you have to be connected to Peugeot you can activate the theme… This seems like a DiagBox bug…

So, this is going to be continued.

4 thoughts on “Peugeot 208: activation of the Redline theme in DiagBox

    1. Hello there

      Sorry no, I’ve been on a vacation recently. My uncle is a dealer at Peugeot and I will check with him shortly.
      I think if you can telecode with diagbox, you can activate.

      All the best


  1. I suggest to try with DiagBox 7.40. I found that this version does not request online access when coding the SMEG module. I changed VIN code selecting a Peugeot 208 today.

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